Ride with Campus Connect

Know Your Driver

Campus Connect drivers are students of the campus, so you can rest assured knowing that your driver isn’t a stranger with a questionable past. Drivers go through a screening process to keep you safe. Plus, you might share a class with your driver, and make a new friend!

Leave the Car at Home

You don’t have to deal with parking on campus! With Campus Connect, you don’t have to worry about finding a spot or getting a ticket.

$6 Rides All the Time

Stop dealing with costs that inflate when you actually want to go somewhere. You know what it’s going to cost regardless of when you need a ride.

New Features Added All the Time

Campus Connect is constantly growing to make your ride even better. Let us know the features you want to see!

Get Where You Want to Go, Whenever You Want to Go

You can get wherever you need to go quickly and safely with 24/7 availability.

To keep things secure, you’ll need to use your .edu email address when signing up to ride.