Drive with Campus Connect

Be Your Own Boss & Work When You Want

As a driver for Campus Connect, you’re in charge of when you want to work so you don’t have to miss out on anything. Drive in between class, or at night before a party — your schedule is up to you.

Rides are Quick and Familiar

Don’t get lost driving all over the state. Campus Connect keeps you on campus and close to your next ride.

Make up to $25 an Hour

Tackle your new student loans, or make some cash for a fun night out. How much you make depends on how much you drive.

Drive Students, Not Strangers

Your riders are all part of the campus just like you, adding confidence that you will have a safe ride.

Meet Hundreds of New Students

Driving students around campus is a great way to get to know people and make new connections.

We've Got You Covered if Things Go Wrong

If things get dirty in the backseat, we’ll get you a detailing. If you get in an accident while driving for us, we have insurance to help you out. Plus, you can always reach out to us for support and report any problems.


If you’re a student who is 21 or older, with a car that is less than 10 years old, and a clean history, you’re most likely eligible to drive with Campus Connect.

  • Student of the school with a valid .edu email
  • Age 21+
  • If age 21 or 22, you must have three or more years of unrestricted driving history with no infractions
  • If 23 or older, you must have a driver’s license for one or more years
  • Must have proof of valid personal insurance for the vehicle you will be driving that meets or exceeds the minimum financial responsibility limits of the state in which you are driving
  • Car must be a four-door sedan, hatchback, or SUV, no more than 10 years old with the ability to seat at least four additional passengers
  • Must have a valid license, license plates, current registration, and pass an annual vehicle inspection test
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles
  • Must participate in our Driver Safety Program
  • Must pass a national background check
  • Must have no criminal convictions in the last seven years for any of the following: a violent crime; any felony; any driving related offense; any sexual offense, child abuse or endangerment; any terror affiliated offense
  • No more than three minor violations in the past three years including accidents, traffic light violations, speeding, or moving violations
  • No violations in the past three years for driving on a suspended, revoked or invalid license or insurance
  • No DUI or other drug-related driving violation in the last seven years
  • No driving-related convictions for hit-and-run, speeding 100+mph, reckless driving, street racing, or speed contest